Our Programs

The VOAN has commitment to take part actively in the overall development of animal welfare society The purpose of the VOAN is also to make aware people about the care, management and nutrition of pet animals and stray animals. All animals in the planet are part of the society and hence we need to realize their importance in our everyday life.

  • SOS (Save our Stray):
    Help the street animals following these simple steps:
    1. Identify the dogs incapable of surviving on their own.
    2. Contact an animal shelter or a community dog center.
    3. Arrange for some food.
    4. Find a temporary shelter for them.
    5. Take care and wait for professional help.
  • ABC (Animal Birth Control):
    Voan is doing a little to help eradicate rabies and control the population by sterilization under the ABC (Animal Birth Control) program.
  • Ongoing initiatives:
    Voice of Animal-Nepal conducts regular program in and around Kathmandu valley besides its anti-rabies camps for stray’s animals.
  • Temporary Shelter:
    No-kill shelter provides a safe and healthy environment for animals. Services include adoptions, a foster program, and a low-cost spay/neuter program. Provides local residents who are in need of medical care, with the assistance they need in order to care for their pets. VOAN is a volunteer run organization.
  • Awareness program:
    Animal consciousness, or animal awareness, is the quality or state of self-awareness within a non-human animal, or of being aware of an external object or something within itself.
  • Sterilization:
    The most common methods for sterilizing female and male dogs are ovario hysterectomy (spay; which removes both the ovaries and the uterus) and castration (neutering; which involves removing the testicles), respectively. However, any surgery that removes the gonads changes the animal in both positive and negative ways.
  • Treatment for injured and sick animals:
    The extreme position is that animals can be treated in any way that humans want to treat them. The less extreme position is that animals can be treated in any way that is not morally bad for human beings.
  • Anti Rabies Vaccination camp:
    Rabies vaccines contain inactivated pieces of the rabies virus, meaning the vaccine will not cause a dog to develop rabies. Once injected into the dog, the immune system reacts to the foreign rabies virus material by developing antibodies against the virus.