Message from Founder / Chairman

Voice of Animal-Nepal (VOAN)

The Voice of animal-Nepal was conceived in the year 2015. The only purpose of registering this organization is help stray, abandoned and sick animals in the Kathmandu valley initially. The concept of establishing this organization was in my mind in 2001 but due to some personal and profession issues I could not materialize the project on time. Since my childhood I was very fond of animals. One day during my visit to a shelter home in Kathmandu I realized that I should start now. Kathmandu valley is very vulnerable for animals.

Gadimai Mela (Festival) is one of the worst festive for animals in Nepal where thousands of animal are sacrificed brutally in the name of God.

However government is not paying any heed to this issue. We are forcing Government of Nepal and Organizer of the festival to ban this brutality.

We have to make people aware about the right of the animals and raise the voice against cruelty to them. Animals are also a part of the human society. We are independent on each other. We have to save our animals to save our environment.

Since we are newly registered we have lots of things to do. We hope that we will be success in our mission to protect animal right and abuse. Success does not come alone. It is the hard work of our team and generous support from our grant makers.

So, in the process we need your continuous support.

Thanks for reading us and supporting us.

Ishwari Bahadur Thapa
Founder / Chairman
Voice of Animal-Nepal (VOAN)