About VOAN

VOAN - Voice of Animal Nepal | Animal and Dog NGO

Voice of Animal-Nepal (VOAN) was established in 2015 October 26 pursuant to the act of social welfare 2034 with the purpose of providing shelter and treatment for the stray and abandoned and sick animal in Nepal. We are also a tax-exempt organization by the Government Inland Revenue Department.

Voice of Animal-Nepal (VOAN) is a national level Non Governmental Organization based in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in 2015.07.26 pursuant to the act of social welfare Act 2034 of Nepal with the purpose of providing temporary shelter and medical treatment for the sick & injured street dogs in Nepal. The VOAN has commitment to take part actively in the overall development of animal welfare society.

Voice of Animal Nepal has been actively doing program on Anti Rabies Vaccination for street community dogs in Bhaktapur District of Nepal for the last 3 years. Our Spay & Neuter along with Anti Rabies Vaccination program for street dogs is about to start from 22nd September to 28th September 2020 on the eve of 14th World Rabies Day. The expected target of the project is 200 to 250 street dogs for Sterilization (Both Spay & Neuter) and 521 dogs for Anti Rabies Vaccination.

As we all know rabies has the highest case fatality rate of any known human infectious disease and kills around 50,000 people annually. There will be an increased knowledge of rabies prevention, rabies vaccination of dogs and effective treatment of dog bites, these results in fewer instances of rabies related panic in the public.

The condition of animals, especially dogs, is very pathetic in Nepal. We often see these street dogs, killed and hit by the traffic on the road. Many of them die on the spot and some of them die later due to not having proper medical treatment at the right time. Their lives could have been saved if they got instant treatment. The condition of injured and sick animals on the street is pathetic because nobody is there to help them.

Voice of Animal Nepal has taken an initiative to save injured and wounded animals on the road with immediate medical treatment but our mobile treatment to these innocent animals is very limited due to not having sufficient funds. Nowadays we receive lots of phone calls for the treatment of these dogs but due to limited resources we don’t have access to reach all of them.

Our objectives are as follows
  1. Temporary Shelter: Animals who are sick and injured by accident will be taken to our organization for the treatment and temporary shelter will be provided till the betterment. They will be relocated to their previous place.
  2. Management of dead body of animal: The carcass of animals which lay for many days on the road will be taken to dumped areas in coordination with Metropolitan city and village development committee.
  3. ABC (Birth Control) Program: Vaccination program will be launched regularly in different areas of the city’s first. In the due course vaccination and sterilization will be launch throughout the country.
  4. Eradication of Rabies: Door to Door immunization program will be done on regular basis.
  5. Facility of Animal Hostel: Nowadays in Nepal most of the people own dog, cat, cow and other animal. They are unable to take care of these animals when they are out of the town or country. In this situation the owner request their relative or neighbors to take care of their pet for some days but they don’t so now on the pet owners can leave their animal to our shelter till they come and get back when they return.
  6. Awareness Program: Awareness program about the right of the animals is need in the schools and colleges. In the time between awareness program will be done in the schools and colleges. Radio program will be designed and broadcasted on monthly basis to make people aware at large.